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Old Feature Requests

lantz edited this page Dec 3, 2012 · 1 revision

CLI Requests

  • configurable xterm spawning, or at minimum, spawn a single xterm from the CLI
  • option to daemonize run script
  • add SSHD test to CLI to, say, run hostname via SSH and grab the output
  • start/stop switches in order
  • set/add configurable max_backoff on switches
  • print dpid via nodeid function from topo?
  • extract default port from openflow.h
  • split --mac setting into host and switches
  • add get_connected_hosts function to topo
  • print average ping time from regression test

Doc/Install Requests

  • API documentation (comment re-uglification filter + doxypy + upload to wiki)

Code Cleanup

  • clean up params in Mininet.init
  • add ports() call to just call port() twice and return the tuple
  • reconsider the functions in Node; split some into a Port object, others to a NamespaceHost, others to ProcessNode?
  • check all uses of send; make as many of these into named functions as possible; should simplify porting to remote usage [Why does this help? -BL]
  • NetCLI? separate out the control from creation aspects? [I say just fix the CLI, and do proxies if desired. However, we will do a CLI for cluster edition. -BL]
  • dpid naming could really be redone - rename as an id, or nodeid, or something else. [I have my doubts about dpids -BL]

Speedup Requests

  • consider multithread setup and cleanup [Probably won't help, but you never know. -BL]

Other Requests

  • Add host log. Namespaces all share the same history; would be useful to a have h0.log. Not sure if this is possible. Maybe tee std output to a file, and have a separate input log?
  • Increase inactivity timer to clean up debug log output with nox
  • Support multiple controllers
  • Support distributed operation: mix of physical and virtual ports.
  • ensure controller is dead at the start?
  • Generalize the Port object; enable non-config or already-configured ports. Plus add up/down methods.
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