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Mininet Support

Mininet is self-supported by the friendly Mininet community via the mininet-discuss mailing list and the FAQ. To sign up for the mailing list, go to

We hope to preserve a high signal-to-noise ratio for the mailing list, so please try to submit only intelligent, well-researched questions or comments regarding Mininet itself (rather than OpenFlow, NOX, networking in general, etc.) and high-quality answers. Your questions are much more likely to be answered (and you're likely to have much more success) if you're using our pre-built virtual machine (VM) image.

We also encourage you to contribute helpful questions and answers to the FAQ.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Please file any Mininet bug reports and feature requests by creating a new issue on github.

Mininet is an Open Source project, so we encourage everyone to work to improve it! Please feel free to submit patches and pull requests along with your issue.

If you are working on a new feature, please create an issue for the feature you're working on so that we can all avoid duplicating effort. When your new feature (or fix) is ready, submit a pull request and/or attach a patch to your issue.

Older bugs are listed at Bugs and feature requests at Feature-Requests.