Installing Required Software

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You will need to download these files individually.

The files include virtualization software, a SSH-capable terminal, an X server, and the VM image.

The tutorial image is distributed as a compressed VirtualBox image (vdi). VirtualBox enables you to run a virtual machine inside a physical machine, and is free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can export the VirtualBox image to vmdk format and use it with VMWare using the instructions below.

The following instructions assume the use of VirtualBox, but the instructions should apply regardless of virtual software after you complete the initial setup.

Download Files

You'll need to download the files corresponding to your OS, plus the tutorial VM.

Start now with downloading a compressed VM image:

Refer to this (Mininet-VM-images) for older versions of Mininet.

Important: For these VM images, the user name is 'mininet' with password 'mininet'.

The OVF format can be imported into VirtualBox, VMware, or other popular virtualization programs.

You will also need virtualization software, an X server, and an ssh-capable terminal emulator:

OS Type OS Version Virtualization Software X Server Terminal
Windows 7+ VirtualBox Xming PuTTY
Windows XP VirtualBox Xming PuTTY
Mac OS X 10.7-10.9 Lion/Mountain Lion/ Mavericks VirtualBox download and install XQuartz (built in)
Mac OS X 10.5-10.6 Leopard/Snow Leopard VirtualBox X11 (install from OS X main system DVD, preferred), or download XQuartz (built in)
Linux Ubuntu 10.04+ VirtualBox X server already installed gnome terminal + SSH built in

Install and Verify

After you have downloaded the appropriate software and VM images, make sure that each column item (X server, Virtualization software, and SSH terminal) is installed and working for your platform, and that the VM image loads and runs correctly for your configuration.

Next Step

Set up Virtual Machine

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