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Tool to generate BYTE sequences for Go assembly as generated by YASM/GAS (for Intel) or GAS (for ARM).


Make sure either YASM or GAS is installed on your platform. Note that YASM takes precedence over GAS if both are installed.

GAS (Intel/AMD64 or ARM):

Typically as or gas (GNU Assembler) will already be installed as it is part of binutils, but if need be, you can eg. do as follows:

sudo apt-get install build-essential
YASM (Intel/AMD64):
$ yasm --version
yasm 1.2.0
Compiled on Sep 30 2013.
Copyright (c) 2001-2011 Peter Johnson and other Yasm developers.
Run yasm --license for licensing overview and summary.


go get -u

AVX512 support

Note that AVX512 support is currently only available for GAS.


$ more example.s
                                 // VPADDQ  XMM0,XMM1,XMM8
$ asm2plan9s example.s
$ echo example.s
    LONG $0xd471c1c4; BYTE $0xc0 // VPADDQ  XMM0,XMM1,XMM8

The instruction to be assembled needs to start with a // preceded by either a single space or a tab character. The preceding characters will be overwitten by the correct sequence (irrespective of its contents) so when changing the instruction, rerunning asm2plan9s will update the BYTE sequence generated.

Starting position of instruction

The starting position of the // comment needs to follow the (imaginary) sequence with either a single space or a space followed by a back slash plus another space (see support for defines below). Upon first entering an instruction you can also type eg LONG $0x00000000; BYTE $0x00 // VZEROUPPER to trigger the assembler.

Support for defines

If you are using #define for 'macros' with the back-slash delimiter to continue on the next line, this will be preserved.

For instance:

                                 \ // VPADDQ  XMM0,XMM1,XMM8

will be assembled into

    LONG $0xd471c1c4; BYTE $0xc0 \ // VPADDQ  XMM0,XMM1,XMM8


asm2plan9s works nicely together with asmfmt in order to format the assembly code (in a similar style to go fmt).

Extensive example

For a more extensive example see (for Intel) compressAvx_amd64.s or (for ARM) highwayhash_arm64.s.


Released under the Apache License v2.0. You can find the complete text in the file LICENSE.


Contributions are welcome, please send PRs for any enhancements.


Tool to generate BYTE sequences for Go assembly as generated by YASM







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