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Minio Server Limits Per Tenant

Erasure Code (Multiple Drives / Servers)

Item Specification
Maximum number of servers 32
Minimum number of servers 02
Maximum number of drives per server Unlimited
Read quorum N/2
Write quorum N/2+1

Browser Access

Item Specification
Web browser upload size limit 5 TiB

Limits of S3 API

Item Specification
Maximum number of buckets no-limit
Maximum number of objects per bucket no-limit
Maximum object size 5 TiB
Minimum object size 0 B
Maximum object size per PUT operation 5 TiB
Maximum number of parts per upload 10,000
Part size 5 MiB to 5 GiB. Last part can be 0 B to 5 GiB
Maximum number of parts returned per list parts request 1000
Maximum number of objects returned per list objects request 1000
Maximum number of multipart uploads returned per list multipart uploads request 1000

List of Amazon S3 API's not supported on Minio

We found the following APIs to be redundant or less useful outside of AWS S3. If you have a different view on any of the APIs we missed, please open a github issue.

List of Amazon S3 Bucket API's not supported on Minio

  • BucketACL (Use bucket policies instead)
  • BucketCORS (CORS enabled by default on all buckets for all HTTP verbs)
  • BucketLifecycle (Not required for Minio erasure coded backend)
  • BucketReplication (Use mc mirror instead)
  • BucketVersions, BucketVersioning (Use s3git)
  • BucketWebsite (Use caddy or nginx)
  • BucketAnalytics, BucketMetrics, BucketLogging (Use bucket notification APIs)
  • BucketRequestPayment
  • BucketTagging

List of Amazon S3 Object API's not supported on Minio

Object name restrictions on Minio

Object names that contain characters ^*|\/&"; are unsupported on Windows and other file systems which do not support filenames with these characters. Note that this list is not exhaustive, and depends on the maintainers of the filesystem itself.