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Deploy MinIO on Kubernetes Slack Docker Pulls

MinIO is a high performance distributed object storage server, designed for large-scale private cloud infrastructure. MinIO is designed in a cloud-native manner to scale sustainably in multi-tenant environments. Orchestration platforms like Kubernetes provide perfect cloud-native environment to deploy and scale MinIO.

MinIO Deployment on Kubernetes

There are multiple options to deploy MinIO on Kubernetes:

  • MinIO-Operator: Operator offers seamless way to create and update highly available distributed MinIO clusters. Refer MinIO Operator documentation for more details.

  • Helm Chart: MinIO Helm Chart offers customizable and easy MinIO deployment with a single command. Refer MinIO Helm Chart documentation for more details.

Monitoring MinIO in Kubernetes

MinIO server exposes un-authenticated liveness endpoints so Kubernetes can natively identify unhealthy MinIO containers. MinIO also exposes Prometheus compatible data on a different endpoint to enable Prometheus users to natively monitor their MinIO deployments.

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