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To deploy MinIO on DC/OS, you can use our official universe package.

1. Prerequisites

  • DC/OS 1.9 or later
  • Marathon-LB must be installed and running
  • Identify IP of the public agent where Marathon-LB or an available hostname configured to point to the public agent(s) where Marathon-LB is running.

2. Setting up MinIO

You can install MinIO Universe package using the DC/OS GUI or CLI.

MinIO installation on DC/OS GUI

  • Visit the DC/OS admin page, and click on Universe on the left menu bar. Then click on the Packages tab and search for MinIO, click on the Install button on the right hand side.

  • Click on the Install Package button for the single-click default installation. This installs MinIO server instance with factory defaults. You can reach your MinIO server at host:9000 where host is IP address or hostname of public-agent where Marathon-LB is installed. minio and minio123 are the default access key and secret keys respectively.

  • For more information on advanced installation of MinIO on DC/OS GUI, look here.

MinIO installation on DC/OS CLI

To install MinIO package via CLI, type

$ dcos package install minio

3. Uninstalling MinIO

To uninstall MinIO package via CLI, type

$ dcos package uninstall minio

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