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Ansible Service Broker Addon

This addon installs the Ansible Service Broker. The Ansible Service Broker is an Open Service Broker designed to deploy Ansible Playbook Bundles (hereafter referred to as APBs).


This addon is designed for an RBAC enabled OpenShift cluster of >=3.9. Minishift can be configured to deploy 3.9 with the following command:

$ minishift config set openshift-version v3.9.0

Minishift must be deployed with the Service Catalog enabled

NOTE: Prior to minishift v1.16.1, minishift was installed with the Service Catalog in a different way. These instructions are for minishift >=v1.16.1, and it is strongly recommended that this version or greater is used.

The Service Catalog can be deployed by adding the --service-catalog when starting Minishift. The ability to pass extra flags during startup can be enabled by setting the MINISHIFT_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL environmental variable as follows:


Configure minishift to deploy the centos iso:

$ minishift config set iso-url centos

Note: CentOS ISO is required for Fedora, CentOS, or RHEL hosts due to a known issue between the host's docker client and the default boot2docker iso.

Start Minishift with the --service-catalog extra flag. See the OpenShift documentation for more info on --extra-cluster-up flags.

minishift start --extra-clusterup-flags "--service-catalog"

If you are planning on building or pushing to the minishift registry, be sure to configure your shell using eval $(minishift docker-env). This configures your environment so that the apb tool can use the minishift registry. See minishift documentation for more details.

Deploy the Ansible Service Broker

  1. Make sure this repository is cloned to the local machine
  2. Install the addon
$ minishift addons install <path_to_addon>

Addon Variables

To customize the deployment of the Ansible Service Broker, the following variables can be applied to the execution:

Name Description Default Value
BROKER_REPO_TAG Tag used to specify the broker's template in the upstream asb repo ansible-service-broker-1.1.6-1
APBTOOLS_REPO_TAG Tag used to specify the apb tooling permission template in the upstream apb repo apb-1.1.6-1
DOCKERHUB_ORG Organization to query for Ansible Playbook Bundles in DockerHub ansibleplaybookbundle

Variables can be specified by adding --addon-env <key=value> when the addon is being invoked (minishift start or minishift addons apply)

Apply the Addon

To apply the addon to a running instance of Minishift, execute the following command:

$ minishift addons apply ansible-service-broker

To enable the addon each time Minishift starts, execute the following command:

$ minishift addons enable ansible-service-broker

Remove the Addon

To remove all of the deployed components, execute the following command

$ minishift addons remove ansible-service-broker

Uninstall the addon

To uninstall the addon, execute the following command

$ minishift addons uninstall ansible-service-broker