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Istio Add-on

This add-on deploys the Istio servicemesh on to Minishift-provisioned OpenShift cluster. The Istio is provisioned using Istio Operator.

  • The add-on was tested with Maistra (v0.2.0)

  • The add-on uses Istio Operator v0.2.0

  • This add-on depends on admin-user and anyuid Minishift addons

Minishift profile setup

As this Istio setup deploys applications like istio-galley,istio-ingress, istio-egress, istio-pilot,elasticsearch,jaeger*,kiali, grafana, prometheus with their related resources such as configmaps, secrets and Custom Resource Definitions, it is ideal to setup a Minishift profile with the following configuration:

$ minishift profile set servicemesh (1)
$ minishift config set memory 8GB (2)
$ minishift config set cpus 4 (3)
$ minishift config set image-caching true (4)
$ minishift config set openshift-version v3.10.0 (5)
$ minishift addon enable admin-user (6)
$ minishift addon enable anyuid (7)
$ minishift start (8)
  1. Create a new Minishift profile named servicemesh

  2. Use 8GB of memory for Istio and apps that you might deploy later

  3. 4 CPUs results in a maximum of 30 pods, since Istio deploys approximately 9 pods at minimum

  4. Caches the downloaded container images for future use

  5. Pinning OpenShift version to v3.10.0, so that upgrade of minishift does not recreate the OpenShift cluster

  6. Creates a new user called admin with cluster-admin role

  7. Allows containers within OpenShift to be run with any user id

  8. Since we have set the profile to be servicemesh, this command starts Minishift with profile servicemesh

Install add-on

Run the following command to install istio add-on:

$ git clone https://github.com/minishift/minishift-addons
$ minishift addon install ./minishift-addons/add-ons/istio

Deploy Istio

Run the following command to apply istio add-on:

$ minishift addon enable istio (1)
$ minishift addon apply istio (2)
  1. Enabling the istio addon allows the addon to be automatically applied during profile recreation i.e. minishift delete && minishift start

  2. The command will take few minutes, you can watch the status with command oc -n istio-system get pods -w --as system:admin, you can terminate watch with CTRL+C

Undeploy Istio

Removing the istio add-on will undeploy Istio from the Minishift-provisioned OpenShift cluster.

Run the following command to remove the istio add-on:

$ minishift addon remove istio

Uninstall Istio add-on

Run the following command to delete and remove the istio add-on artifacts from the machine:

$ minishift addon uninstall istio