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The Minishift team is happy to announce Minishift 1.0.0.

Thank you, everyone, who made this release possible, either through coding, testing, documenting, reporting issues or requesting a new feature. We welcome all contributions.

Minishift 1.0.0 is a big milestone for us, since it completes the switch to oc cluster up for OpenShift provisioning. However, that’s not all. Along the way we added a whole range of new features.

The two biggest features are the new addons and hostfolder commands:

  • minishift addons introduces a framework for OpenShift customization using a Minishift specific DSL.
  • minishift hostfolder introduces a more explicit way of managing mounted host folders, in particular the ability to define multiple host folders which can be mounted on request.

Another new command is openshift which loosely groups some OpenShift related commands together:

And lastly, we added the oc-env command, which allows you to configure your shell to use the oc binary that is downloaded to your host during minishift start.

In addition to the new commands, Minishift 1.0.0 includes other new features, such as HTTP(S) proxy support, persistent volume provisioning, and the creation of a minishift CLI profile for easier usage of oc.

To help you adopt all of these new Minishift features, we are planning to create a series of blog posts and video tutorials that showcase the full Minishift workflow. In the meantime, you can review the Minishift documentation.

There is still a lot of work to do and we have many great ideas for new features. Stay tuned and check out the Minishift Roadmap if you want to know where we are heading next. Feel free to join us on #minishift on irc.freenode.net if you have questions or ideas.

Last but not least, if you find a bug or have an idea for a new feature, please take the time to create an issue in the Minishift GitHub issue tracker. We really do appreciate your feedback.

Happy Minishifting!


  • Issue #142 (feature) - Add 'oc-env' command which display information to eval the oc binary to PATH


  • Issue #784 (bug) - README.md file not found during 'make release'
  • Issue #789 (bug) - Docs build upload is creating unwanted directories
  • Issue #792 (bug) - Broken link in \Accessing the OpenShift Registry\
  • Issue #840 (bug) - Failing master builds on CentOS CI


  • Issue #356 (task) - Even with administrator privileges Hyper-V complains about insufficient privileges
  • Issue #544 (task) - fmtcheck target does not work on Travis CI
  • Issue #571 (task) - Failing builds due to unresolvable glide.sh
  • Issue #655 (task) - Documentation for host folders
  • Issue #721 (task) - Use topic map to dynamically generate navigation in Middleman site
  • Issue #750 (task) - Add integration test to create and deploy of example application
  • Issue #782 (task) - eval $(minishift docker-env) not working onWindows with cmd or PowerShell
  • Issue #787 (task) - Fix CI docs build for variables.adoc location change
  • Issue #805 (task) - Update OpenShift origin to 1.5.0
  • Issue #808 (task) - Fix the layout of Getting Started page served locally