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Lua utility library for game programming

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A collection of various utilities, objects, and functions for game programming in Lua, specificially with the Love2D library. Includes the following:

  • camera.lua: A camera with tracking and depth
  • color.lua: Color operations and a handy ColorPalette class
  • console.lua: An in-game console system
  • containers.lua: Various container classes (Linked List, Queue, etc)
  • context.lua: A better method of managing multiple game states in Love2D
  • fs.lua: File loading utilties for Love2D
  • functional.lua: Functional programming tools
  • layout.lua: Immediate-mode pure functions for generating layouts
  • object.lua: Highly minimal object-oriented implementation for Lua
  • polygon.lua: 2D generic polygon class
  • rect.lua: 2D rectangle operations
  • screen.lua: Functions for managing an abstract game screen in Love2D
  • time.lua: Timing module for scheduling functions
  • utils.lua: Generic pure functions that don't fit anywhere else
  • vector.lua: 2D vector operations
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