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GitHub Prototyper

GitHub Prototyper

This tool allows you to easy create and update Web pages and publically host them on GitHub pages.

If you don't have write access to this repository, then you could fork it to create a copy under your own GitHub account.

Pages can be added by creating a new file with the md extension. Then simply type your content in the file using the 'Markdown' syntax.

You can create folders and link to other pages - see the 'hello world example' example. You can also put HTML in here if you need to.

That stuff at the top of the file is called 'front matter' which is basically settings for your page, like chosing a template, as well as other options that may be available in a custom template (as a developer if you're not sure). Most commonly 'title' allows you to set the text which appears in the tab (or top of) your browser.

By the way, this is the 'plain' HTML layout, which has a GitHub appearance.

Front matter options


All are optional except layout.

Variable Description
layout name of the template govuk
title Page title appears in
subheader 4. Sending money
breadcrumbs a list of links. List each line with a hyphen. Each link has a text, followed by a colon, then the link. E.g - Home:
jumplinks a list of links (as above)
related has three sub-items:
title - the heading on the related info
links - a list of links
more - just a link at the end
previous has two sub-items:
text - text label
link - a link
next has two sub-items:
text - text label
link - a link

For developers…

Running locally

Requires Ruby and Bundler.

bundle install # get dependancies
jekyll serve # run local server


Easy prototyping with GitHub



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