Architecture documentation for Legal Aid Agency (within the Ministry of Justice)
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Legal Aid Agency Architecture Documentation

The documentation here uses the C4 model by Simon Brown. We use the FC4 toolset to normalise the source of C4 diagrams authored with Structurizr Express.


Image files in this repository are tracked through Git Large File Storage. Please install it by following the site instructions.


Legal Aid Agency is divided into the following service areas, with their respective locations in the repository:

Service area Location Responsibility
Get Access to Legal Aid diagrams/get-access/ Providing members of the public with information about what is "legal aid" and how to apply for it.
Contracting with legal advisors to provide legal aid for members of the public.
Apply for Legal Aid diagrams/apply/
Get Paid for Legal Aid diagrams/get-paid/



  • Legal Aid Agency software systems, people and elements use the "Ministry of Justice" websafe colour (#5a5c92).
  • Software systems, people and elements outside the UK Government use #28a197.