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Accessibility issues worksheet for 'Recording a goose sighting'

Make a copy of this locally (either in a Word Doc, Google Doc, on paper, or on your laptop’s notepad), and use it as a worksheet for recording issues you find in this service.


What testing tools to use

I would recommend working through the site in the following order:

  • Can you access everything by pressing the tab key?
  • Does WAVE show any errors, or highlight any issues with the HTML structure?
  • Does the colour contrast tab on WAVE throw up any errors?
  • If you run the Dark Mode browser extension, can you see any issues with the site?

Government Digital Services have recently published how to conduct a basic accessibility audit, which is worth a look at too.

Pages to test

Start page


Do you like geese page


What type of goose did you see


When did you see the goose


Check your answers


End page


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