A simple web application for the publishing of tribunal decisions
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MoJ Tribunals

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A Ruby on Rails application for giving public access to UK Tribunal decisions.

Live at https://tribunalsdecisions.service.gov.uk/


Clone the repo & cd into it. Then

gem install bundler
bundle install

If you don't have Qt installed (capybara gem will let you know, as it will fail building), you'll need to install it. On OS X:

brew install qt

If you don't have libxml2 installed (nokogiri gem will let you know, as it will fail building), you'll need to install it. On OS X:

brew install libxml2

On OS X: install http://postgresapp.com/ After installation, click the elephant icon in the task bar and select open psql.

In the terminal window that opens, type:

bundle exec rake db:create


create database tribunals_development;

After a brief pause, it should say CREATE DATABASE. Quit psql.


bundle exec rake db:migrate

Then bundle exec rake db:seed bundle exec rake data:seed_tribunals


bundle exec rake admin:create

to generate a user 'admin@test.com' with password '123123123' for the web admin.

This application requires 'soffice', a binary that comes with Libre Office. See the section below on how to install Libre Office for the appropriate OS.

Then start the app:

rails s


In order to upload decisions in the development environment, please configure the CarrierWave uploaders to use the local file system by including the line 'storage :file' instead of 'storage :fog' in the files: app/uploaders/doc_file_uploader.rb and app/uploaders/pdf_file_uploader.rb.

Installing libreoffice on OSX

Download and install the standard LibreOffice application. You will need to add the binaries to your path though. Simply add this line:

export PATH="$PATH:/Applications/LibreOffice.app/Contents/MacOS"

to the bottom of your ~/.bash_profile and then re-read your config for the change to take effect:

source ~/.bash_profile

Installing libreoffice on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libreoffice

Importing from legacy system

In the import rake namespace are the scripts to scrape the existing sites. They will not process the word documents though, and that needs to be done with rake import:import_word_docs_from_urls.

Importing AAC decisions data

Run the following sequence of rake tasks:

rake import:aac:decisions
rake import:aac:decision_categories
rake import:aac:decision_subcategories
rake import:aac:judges
rake import:aac:decisions_judges_mapping

Importing EAT data export

Run the following task:

rake import:eat:all

If you need to find out the individual tasks, run the following command to get the listing:

rake -T import:eat

Generating friendly_slugs for migrated decisions

To support the history of the permanent links for the decisions, we use history feature of friendly_id gem. To make it work with data that has been migrated, it needs to re-save all the decisions, to create the history entry in the table "friendly_id_slugs". You can run the task:

rake data:generate_friendly_slugs

Tests require phantomjs

With homebrew:

brew install phantomjs


  • On OS X, having LibreOffice open whilst processing docs will fail the processing

Deployment notes

1. db:migrate

2. data:seed_tribunals

Will create the current tribunals

3. data:convert:all

Will convert all old format data to new format data