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Recipe for compiling and installing software with or without minitage

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This is a collection of recipe which can be use inside or outside a minitage environment.
What is interresting in using them in minitage is that you ll have all your system dependencies in
the build environment automaticly.

The egg has those entry point:
    - *cmmi*: install configure/make/make install softwares
    - *fetch*: fetch something, somewhere, with git, http, frp, static, hg, svn or bzr.
    - *egg*: install python eggs / packages 'setuptoolisables'
    - *printer*: print or dump to a file all versions needed to achieve eggs
      requirements (versions.cfg made easy)
    - *scripts*: install scripts from an egg and install egg dependencies if they
      are not already in the cache
    - *wsgi*: Make a Python paste configuration file eatable by mod_wsgi with
      all the eggs dependencies you need.

The reasons why i have rewrite yet another buildout recipes builder are:
    - Support for downloading stuff
    - Do not rely on easy_install dependency system
    - Support on the fly patchs for eggs and other distribution.
    - Support multiple hooks at each stage of the build system.
    - Support for distutils
    - Robust offline mode
    - We like pypi, but offer a mode to scan for eggs without need to check
      the index,
    - Support malformed or not indexed distributions.
      In other terms, we provide an url, and the recipe builds it, that's all.
    - All recipes must support automaticly minitage dependencies and rpath linking.

You can browse the code on minitage's following resources:


You can migrate your buldouts without any effort with buildout.minitagificator:


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