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Python library for use with Silver Peak SD-WAN Orchestrator API.
Requires requests


Silver Peak is an SD-WAN vendor with a solid rest API. The API is documented on the orchestrator host and can be found by going to https://hostname/orch_version/webclient/php/swagger/index.html.


pip install silverpeak

Instantiate a connection to a vManage device

from silverpeak import *
sp = Silverpeak(user='admin', user_pass='admin', sp_server='')

Call methods

devices = sp.get_appliances()

Returned Result

All methods return a Result named tuple with the requests.json() data in the data element.
The complete requests.response object is stored in the response element

Result(ok=True, status_code=200, error='', reason='Success', data={}, response=<Response [200]>)
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