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mongomodel is Django( compatible Mongodb(  python ORM.

Source codes are at

You can build not only Django sites with Mongodb as background Database engine but also pure Mongodb application with same Django queryset syntax. 

Please check model syntax and queryset syntax at 

Also Mongodb can save list or dictionary type of embedded document. mongomodel supports additional Field types over Django standard fields. 

== Supporting Features ==
  * Basic queries
  * Raw queries
  * Inner JOIN queries (but poor performance)
  * Aggregation on Avg, Min, Max, Count and Sum
  * F() filter ( self document only )
  * Q() filter
  * Query on Embedded document
  * Django Admin site
  * Extended Fields, DocumentField, DocumentListField, ListField and DictField
  * Extended Models, EmbeddedModel and ConstantsModel
  * View Extended Fields and Model
  * Management script, shell and syncdb

== Incoming Features ==
  * Annotation
  * Add/Update on Extended Fields and Models
  * And many :)
  * Inner JOIN optimize

== Requires ==
  * python
  * [ Django] 1.2 or more
  * [ pymongo] 1.8 or more