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Pure Java ZeroMQ
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Pure Java implementation of libzmq (

Build Status


  • based on libzmq 3.2.5
  • ZMTP/2.0 (
  • tcp:// protocol and inproc:// is compatible with zeromq
  • ipc:// protocol works only between jeromq (uses tcp:// internally)
  • not too bad performance compared to zeromq
  • exactly same develope experience with zeromq and jzmq

Not supported Features

  • ipc:// protocol with zeromq. Java doesn't support UNIX domain socket.
  • pgm:// protocol. Cannot find a pgm Java implementation

Extended Features

Contribution Process

This project uses the C4 process for all code changes. "Everyone, without distinction or discrimination, SHALL have an equal right to become a Contributor under the terms of this contract."


Add it to your Maven project's pom.xml:


    <!-- for the latest SNAPSHOT -->

    <!-- If you can't find the latest snapshot -->

Using ANT

To generate an ant build file from pom.xml, issue the following command:

mvn ant:ant

Also please refer the Wiki

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