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#!/usr/bin/env python
An emotion library for a robot.
import numpy as np
__author__ = "@minjaaxelsson"
__license__ = "MIT"
class Emotion:
#Initialize table full of empty objects. Set center and current to center.
def __init__(self, size):
self.size = int(round(size))
self.emomatrix = np.empty([self.size,self.size], dtype=object) = [int(round(self.size/2)), round(self.size/2)]
self.current =
self.current_x =[0]
self.current_y =[1]
self.maximum = self.size-1
self.minimum = 0
#Create area with certain name into emotion table
def create_area(self, name, x_start, y_start, x_end, y_end):
for j in range (self.clamp(y_start), self.clamp(y_end+1)):
for i in range (self.clamp(x_start), self.clamp(x_end+1)):
self.emomatrix[i,j] = name
#Return current emotion
def get_emotion(self):
return self.emomatrix[self.current_x, self.current_y]
#Check index not out of bounds
def clamp(self, clampthis):
return max(min(self.maximum, clampthis), self.minimum)
#Modify current emotion
def mod_emotion(self, x_increment, y_increment):
self.current_x = self.clamp(self.current_x + x_increment)
self.current_y = self.clamp(self.current_y + y_increment)
self.current = [self.current_x, self.current_y]
return self.current
#Return emotion in certain place. Use for testing.
def get_emotion_inplace(self,x,y):
return self.emomatrix[x,y]
#Print all emotions row at a time. Use for testing.
def print_emotions(self):
for j in range (0, self.size):
for i in range (0, self.size):