Application Task: Subscribing to mailing list.
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Subscribing to Mailing List


This script automates the process of subscribing to Debian mailing list by sending your email and then confirming it through a customised reply by mail.

The input would be entered by the user in a PyQt Based GUI application.

Getting Started

Pyqt 5 library should be installed in the Python environment.

Excecute the file "" in Python IDLE to start the program.

The user would be prompted to enter the email that he/she wants to get subscribed in the mailing list.

After entering the mail, the program would then ask for the confirmation string recieved by the user on the mail.

The user would hence get succesfully subscribed to the mailing list 😃

Here is an test case image showing its working:

alt text

GUI for Application

Excecute the file "" to run the PyQt GUI. Enter the user's email in the text box and hit on subscribe. The user would receive the mail with the confirmation key.

The file "subscribe.ui" contains the code for the pyqt dialog box and "" is the supporting file for the main program.

Here is the pic of the pop-up dialog box (GUI):

alt text

PS: Refer my blog to see the script's explanation in detail along with its working.