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A project for the French MPRI course on functional programming

ML type inference in presence of type classes

Compile the executable joujou:


joujou can check two variants of MH:

  • Explicitly typed programs use the extension .mle.

      ./joujou file.mle
  • Implicitly typed programs use the extension .mlt.

      ./joujou file.mlt

joujou infers types (on implicitly typed programs), type-checks and elaborates MH programs into OCaml programs, producing a file with the extension .ml.

Samples of MH can be found in test/.

Organization of test files:

  • test/elaboration/, test/inference/ contain tests provided with the base version of the project (forked from

  • test/custom/ contain tests written by ourselves, some of them redundant with the original test suit, but most cover previously untested features.

A not-too-verbose-when-it-works test script is available, call it with

make test

to run joujou on all test files in test/.

Makefiles with a more verbose behavior are available at the leaves of the test/ directory. (based on those originally provided)

Note(s) about our work

Important modifications have been made to the Name module, name.mli contains more explanations.

For the remaining of the project, a diff with the original code base would show modifications everywhere, due to our using the tool ocp-indent on the entirety of the repository.

However, relevant changes have remained mostly local to files indicated by the assignment, others consisting mostly in trimming code unnecessary to our application.

All tasks from the assignment have been carried out.

There are bugs and lacking features, a certain number of which were already present (resp. absent) and are unrelated to the topic of type classes themselves.

  • test/inference/bad/coreml_intermediate_variable.mlt, test/inference/bad/coreml_value_restriction.mlt, test/inference/bad/typeclass_use_r.mlt, test/inference/bad/typeclass_use_rw.mlt: Error during elaboration/type-checking, after type inference, it would be desirable to catch it earlier. (The error message has no position to report)


ML type inference in presence of type classes




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