Presentation and live demo shown at the May 2016 Minnesota APIs Meetup
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May 2016 Minnesota API Meeting

Eric Caron (@ecaron) presented. Showed the attached PDF to explain what API Management Tools are and why you might/should use them.

He then did a live demo of Kong. You can run your own demo too...


  1. Vagrant
  2. Node.js
  3. Git (whatever git client you want to run on your machine)


Note: Since this repository uses submodules, make sure you clone this repository using git clone --recursive

After checking out this repository, you should just be able to run to start the services and to bring them down. All does is:

  • Changes into the kong-vagrant directory, starts the vagrant box, and then tells the vagrant box to start the kong service
  • Changes into the kong-dashboard directory, and runs npm install which installs all the dependencies and npm start to launch the Node.js dashboard
  • Opens your web browser to http://localhost:8080/, which is the default location for the dashboard

Inside the dashboard, you'll want to point it to http://localhost:8001/, which is the Kong admin API.

Note: This is just a demo. It isn't meant for production and it certainly isn't the only way to accomplish this demo. Its just a quick way to spin up and play with Kong


During the evening, the following web pages were shown:


Please email if you have questions.