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Language Suggestion module for Drupal 8
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Language Suggestion module for Drupal 8

Drupal 8 module built for multilingual websites with a friendly suggestion box about other versions of the site with browser based language detection.

Language suggestion mapping page:

Language Suggestion Drupal 8 module

Settings page:

Language Suggestion Drupal 8 module

Suggestion box that appears for visitors

Language Suggestion box Drupal 8 module

Use case

Sometimes when implementing multilingual sites there might be a case when rather than redirecting to a version of the site that you assume visitor is from you might want suggest and ask them if they would like to continue to a language that we think he understands.

This module does exactly that. It shows a little box with some text and a link to take to a sugested version of the site. The module also provides a way to dismiss the box which just snoozes it for a configurable time. It can also remember selection and automatically redirect to previously selected language. This option can be overriden by a user when manually selecting a language from the language switcher/dropdown.

Configuration page is located at (Administration > Configuration > Regional and language). Path /admin/config/regional/language-suggestion

Module developed by Minnur Yunusov at Chapter Three


composer require drupal/language_suggestion or download from Language Suggestion Drupal project page

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