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G.O.V. is a tool for managing Go versions.
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G.O.V. is a tool for managing Go versions.

To get started, first download the `gov` executable and add it to your path
then run `gov init`. This will set up the directory structure and display code
that should be added to your bashrc file.


        gov <command> [arguments]

The commands are:

        help                show this help output
        init                initialize G.O.V.
        list                display a list of Go versions and their installation status
        download <version>  download a specific version
        use <version>       download and globally link a specific version

Environment variables:

        $GOV               path to G.O.V. root directory: ~/.gov
        $BIN               path to GOBIN directory that is only used in init command: ~/.gov/bin
        $GO                path to common and the currently linked version of Go: ~/.gov/go
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