[QGIS Plugin] Qgis2threejs plugin exports terrain data, map canvas image and vector data to your web browser.
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Qgis2threejs plugin - version 2.0

This is a QGIS plugin, which visualizes DEM data and vector data, in 3D on web browsers. You can build various kinds of 3D objects with simple settings panels and view them in web view of exporter. If you want to share them in web, you can generate files to publish them to web in simple procedure. In addition, you can save the 3D model in glTF format for 3DCG or 3D printing.


Online documentation: http://qgis2threejs.readthedocs.org/

You can download PDF version if you want.

Browser Support

See plugin wiki page.

Exported Pages Use These JavaScript Libraries

  • All exports use three.js

  • Exports with display coordinates in latitude and longitude (WGS84) option use Proj4js

  • Exports based on 3DViewer(dat-gui) template use dat-gui


Python modules of Qgis2threejs are released under the GNU Public License (GPL) Version 2.

Copyright (c) 2013 Minoru Akagi