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Realtime configuration engine and CDR&CEL backend for Asterisk with MongoDB
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MongoDB Plugins for Asterisk Build Status

The ast_mongo project provides the following plugins for Asterisk;

  1. Realtime configuration engine with MongoDB,
  2. Queue logging for MongoDB (preliminarly),
  3. CDR backend for MongoDB,
  4. CEL backend for MongoDB (contributed by viktike, thanks viktike),
  5. and a test bench with MongoDB replica set based on Docker technology(Deprecated).
  6. and a test bench based on Docker technology.
Plugin name Realtime CDR CEL Source code Config file(s) * * * res_mongodb.c * res_config_mongodb.c res_config_mongodb.conf
extconfig.conf * cdr_mongodb.c cdr_mongodb.conf * cel_mongodb.c cel_mongodb.conf

How to get the plugins

The plugins are provided as source code patches to Asterisk. See src and patches in detail.


See Test.

Test bench

(Deprecated, use Test instead of it)

The test bench based on Docker technology for these plugins is also provided. You can examine how it works on your desktop simply. See test bench in detail.

Setting up

Preconditions (example)

Name of DB Name of Collection Comment
asterisk ps_endpoints as realtime resources
asterisk ps_auths as realtime resources
asterisk ps_aors as realtime resources
asterisk ast_config as non-realtime resources
cdr cdr
cel cel

Config files as example

  • CHANGE@v0.3: The three config files res_config_mongodb.conf, cdr_mongodb.conf and cel_mongodb.conf have compiled into one ast_mongo.conf.

  • ast_mongo.conf for ast_mongo plugins;

      ; for common configuration
      ; MongoDB C Driver - Logging configuration
      ; see in detail
      ; -1 = disable logging of mongodb-c-driver
      ; 1,2,...,
      ; default is -1
      ; MongoDB C Driver - APM configuration
      ; see in detail
      ; 0  = disable monitoring
      ; 0 != enable monitoring
      ; default is 0
      ; for realtime configuration engine
      uri=mongodb://mongodb.local/asterisk    ; location of database
      ; 0 != enable APM
      ; default is disabled (0)
      ; for CDR plugin
      uri=mongodb://mongodb.local/cdr ; location of database
      database=cdr                    ; name of database
      collection=cdr                  ; name of collection to record cdr data
      ; 0 != enable APM
      ; default is disabled (0)
      ; for CEL plugin
      uri=mongodb://mongodb.local/cel ; location of database
      database=cel                    ; name of database
      collection=cel                  ; name of collection to record cel data
      ; 0 != enable APM
      ; default is disabled (0)
  • sorcery.conf specifies map from asterisk's resources to database's collections.

      endpoint=realtime,ps_endpoints  ; map endpoint to ps_endpoints source
      auth=realtime,ps_auths          ; map auth to ps_auths source
      aor=realtime,ps_aors            ; map aor to ps_aors source
  • extconfig.conf specifies database for database's collections mapped above.

      ; specify the ps_endpoints source is in asterisk database provided by ast_mongo plugin
      ; i.e. endpoint => ps_endpoints => asterisk database of mongodb plugin
      ps_endpoints => mongodb,asterisk
      ps_auths => mongodb,asterisk
      ps_aors => mongodb,asterisk
      ; map extensions.conf to ast_config collection of asterisk database
      extensions.conf => mongodb,asterisk,ast_config
      pjsip.conf => mongodb,asterisk,ast_config
      ; For queue logging (preliminarly)
      ;queue_log => mongodb,queues,queue_log
  • See Asterisk's official document Setting up PJSIP Realtime as well.

Supporting library

  • ast_mongo_ts which is nodejs library provides functionalities to handle asterisk's object through MongoDB.

License and Copyright

  • The related code to Asterisk:
  • Any other resources and files:
    • The MIT License (MIT)
  • Copyright: (C) 2016-2018, KINOSHITA minoru, viktike for cel_mongodb
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