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Minotar is a global avatar service that pulls your head off of your skin, and allows it for use on several thousand sites.
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imgd is a simple avatar serving system. You're probably looking for

How to install?

Installation is simple - however it requires an installation of Go. Follow the instructions below for a comprehensive, step by step installation.

$ git clone
$ cd imgd

$ export GOPATH=`pwd`
$ go get

$ go build

After you run go build, golang should automatically generate you an executable file (named imgd). Executing the file is simple: simply run:

$ ./imgd

There you have it! Go visit your installation at your-ip:8000 to view it in action. If you wish to change the address the server listens on, you can do so by editing config.gcfg (it's like an ini file).


Big thanks to lukegb for porting the old version of this script from PHP to Go.

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