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A Minotar is a global avatar that pulls your head off of your skin, and allows it for use on several thousand sites. See some uses below.

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Sweet and Simple API

Simple Heads

Unlike the PayPal API, we keep things nice and simple. For basic usage just provide a username: <img src="">

You can also set a size. We use pixels and we only need the width. Just add it to the end. <img src="">

And since some services require an extension we've added simple support for it. Just add .png to the end. <img src="">

Avatar With Helm

Sometimes you want to display a helm too, that's fine with this endpoint.
<img src="">

Advanced API GET!

User's Skin

You can even use Minotar's API to get a users skin. We're adding more soon!
<img src="">

You can also set the browser to download the image by using:

Random Skin

Randomly generated head? We got that too.
<img src="">

Licensed under the SIMPL:

How to install?

If you want to host this yourself you'll need to install this, , we recommend using the pear package. You'll also need to add this to the main folder (where index.php is located)

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