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A Minotar is a global avatar that pulls your head off of your skin, and allows it for use on several thousand sites.

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A Minotar is a global avatar that pulls your head off your skin, and allows it for use on several thousand sites - anywhere you can embed an image. See some uses below.


Sweet and Simple API

Simple Heads

Unlike the PayPal API, we keep things nice and simple. For basic usage just provide a username: <img src="">

You can also set a size. We use pixels and we only need the width. Just add it to the end. <img src="">

And since some services require an extension we've added simple support for it. Just add .png to the end. <img src="">

Avatar With Helm

Sometimes you want to display a helm too, that's fine with this endpoint. <img src="">


User's Skin

You can even use Minotar's API to get a users skin. We're adding more soon! <img src="">

You can also set the browser to download the image by using:

Default Skin

Need Steve? Use "char" as the username:

<img src="">

How to install?

Installation is simple - however it requires an installation of Go. Follow the instructions below for a comprehensive, step by step installation.

$ git clone
$ cd minotar

$ export GOPATH=`pwd`
$ go get

$ go build

After you run go build, golang should automatically generate you an executable file (named minotar). Executing the file is simple: simply run:

$ ./minotar

There you have it! Go visit your installation at your-ip:9999 to view it in action.

Understanding Headers

We use a couple of headers to help in understanding how something is served, here they are:


  • returns: processed
  • explain: if Minotar processed your avatar


  • returns: ok,failed
  • explain: ok on successful GET from s3, failed on failed GET from s3


  • returns: fetch time, process time, resize time, whole process
  • example: 48+0+4=52


Big thanks to lukegb for porting the old version of this script from PHP to Go.

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