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Minotaur wallet for ergo


This is the first multi-platform wallet for ergo.


  • Generating wallets, restoring wallets in a way compatible to Yoroi and Ergo node and ergo android app
  • Support 12, 15, 18, 21 and 24 mnemonic size.
  • Mnemonic passphrase
  • Read only wallet support
  • cold wallet devices
  • Displays and sends tokens and NFT
    • Display Token Names according to EIP-04
    • Send Tokens in transactions.
    • Issue new tokens in dApp part
    • Burn tokens in dApp part
  • Display Transaction in wallet.
  • Display generated transaction before signing
  • DApp support: Any dApp can embed directly in app. we currently create three dapp. one for issue token, one for burning tokens and one for sigma-usd.
  • Support Android and IOS mobile.
  • Support Desktop build for windows, MacOS and linux
  • Wallet password to encrypt secret.
  • Dynamic DApp setup: We're working to generate a dynamic protocol to add new dApp to wallet without an update.
  • Minotaur dApp connector extension for chrome and firefox support
  • ErgoPay support
  • MultiLingual wallet support
  • Mempool transaction support

Build wallet from source

  • ** You must install Node 20.11 to build minotaur **

  • First you must clone repo using this command:

git clone
  • Then in cloned directory install dependency using commands below
cd minotaur-wallet

npm i
  • Then you must build project using command below:
npm run build;
npx cap sync
npx cap update

two last commands are synced code for android and ios. if you want to build for desktop you must enter these two commands to sync code

npx cap sync electron
npx cap sync update electron


for android build you can use android studio and open android directory in project. then build it with android studio or any other tool you want.


IOS users can open ios project in code, open it in xcode and build any version they want.

Desktop systems

To build desktop version of project you must enter to electron directory and build project

npm run build
npm run electron:pack
npm run electron:make


For Apple Silicon chips (M series) you must use the arm64 build. Using the intel-based build will result in camera malfunction.

In case of damaged file error, use this command:

sudo xattr -r -s /Application/

Tip the developer

If you want to tip the developer for making this app, thanks in advance! Send your tips to 9hN2UY1ZvvWMeWRBso28vSyjrAAfGJHh2DkZpE47J7Wqr51YLAR

Testing on Testnet

Minotaur support both Mainnet and Testnet. Generate a new wallet and send yourself some test Ergos by visiting