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Overcast is a superb podcast player for iOS. It cleverly reduces silences and delivers distortion-free playback at faster than normal speeds. Overcast also allows paid subscribers to upload audio files through a web interface. yt-cast takes a YouTube URL, extracts the audio, and uploads it to your personal Overcast account. It's perfect for taking an interview, lecture, or other long-form video and turning it into a "podcast".


Install all dependencies:

brew install node
brew install youtube-dl

npm install dotenv
npm install puppeteer

Create a .env file in the project directory and add your Overcast username and password:

OVERCAST_EMAIL=[Your email address]

Create an alias to your .bash_profile file:

alias yt-cast="[Path to project]/yt-cast/ [Path to downloads]"

Then run source ~/.bash_profile


yt-cast [Youtube URL]

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