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A homage to those old RPG and adventure games.
+There's nothing of value actually built right now.
+I need a story, and an engine (ncurses will be spectacular for display until I
+can get some tiles done (they should be Breath of Fire pseudo-isometric style
+type of tiling (whatever that's called) or changable tiling systems).
+Story should include character choice (take inspiration from Mass Effect if you
+have to), including a karma system (don't take too much from Mass Effect. We
+can have a deeper system with more than just a dichotomy of Paragon/Renegade).
+An experience system that's overly complicated and mathematical would probably
+be awesome if it's easy to debug. Otherwise a straight experience system is
+okay, too.
+This project is probably going to die in a fire down the road. If you like it,
+send some patches my way to <>.
+Development is going to be casual. Feel free to spit out a few "fuck"s and
+"shit"s out, because, well, this ain't necessarily going anywhere, so, yay.
+If you do contribute a story and artwork, feel free to copyright it under any
+CC license. Why CC? It's more universal. Public domain won't be accepted,
+because there's the better CC0 license. Then again, I plan to make this engine
+extensible enough that people can just create it themself and release it
+however they choose. I'm more saying this for a test story of testiness.
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