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Assistant to the Kernel Manager

Utility for working with Jupyter kernelspecs.


gem install a2km


a2km clone python3 myenvpy3
a2km set python3-copy display_name "Super cool Python Kernel"
a2km add-env python3-copy SPARK_HOME=/path/to/spark
a2km add-argv python3-copy -- --debug
# <debug some stuff>
a2km rm-argv python3-copy -- debug

Kernelspecs for environments

a2km has an env-kernel subcommand for creating kernelspecs for your conda or virtual environments. Just pass a2km the name of the env, and you should be set:

conda create -n myenv ipykernel
a2km env-kernel myenv


add-argv   Add argument(s) to a kernelspec launch command
add-env    Add environment variables to a kernelspec
clone      Clone a kernelspec
env-kernel Create a kernel from an env (conda or virtualenv)
help       Display global or [command] help documentation
locate     Print the path of a kernelspec
rename     Rename a kernelspec
rm         Remove a kernelspec
rm-argv    Remove arguments from a kernelspec launch command
rm-env     Remove environment variables from a kernelspec
set        Set a value in the kernelspec
show       Show info about a kernelspec

Assistant TO the Kernel Manager