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"""Produce SVG versions of active plots for display by the rich Qt frontend.
# Imports
from __future__ import print_function
# Standard library imports
import sys
# Third-party imports
import matplotlib
from matplotlib.backends.backend_agg import new_figure_manager
from matplotlib._pylab_helpers import Gcf
# Local imports.
from IPython.core.displaypub import publish_display_data
from IPython.lib.pylabtools import print_figure
# global config:
# Functions
def show(close=True):
"""Show all figures as SVG payloads sent to the IPython clients.
close : bool, optional
If true, a ``plt.close('all')`` call is automatically issued after
sending all the SVG figures. If this is set, the figures will entirely
removed from the internal list of figures.
for figure_manager in Gcf.get_all_fig_managers():
if close:
# This flag will be reset by draw_if_interactive when called
show._draw_called = False
def draw_if_interactive():
Is called after every pylab drawing command
# We simply flag we were called and otherwise do nothing. At the end of
# the code execution, a separate call to show_close() will act upon this.
show._draw_called = True
def flush_figures():
"""Call show, close all open figures, sending all figure images.
This is meant to be called automatically and will call show() if, during
prior code execution, there had been any calls to draw_if_interactive.
if show._draw_called:
show._draw_called = False
def send_figure(fig):
"""Draw the current figure and send it as a PNG payload.
# For an empty figure, don't even bother calling figure_to_svg, to avoid
# big blank spaces in the qt console
if not fig.axes:
data = print_figure(fig, _figure_format)
mimetypes = { 'png' : 'image/png', 'svg' : 'image/svg+xml' }
mime = mimetypes[_figure_format]
# flush text streams before sending figures, helps a little with output
# synchronization in the console (though it's a bandaid, not a real sln)
sys.stdout.flush(); sys.stderr.flush()
'Matplotlib Plot',
{mime : data}
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