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Notebook todo
* Style the login page consistently with the rest of the site.
* Style the "Log Out" and username links in the header.
* Do a review of the header design and decide what to do about save widget moving
to the Notebook section of the L panel.
* Show last saved time next to save widget.
* Make the header logo a link to "/".
* Add a better divider line between the header and the content area.
- Fix spacing on notebook page.
* Organize templates to use inheritance and includes.
* Implement better restart logic.
- Have LocalKernel monitor the hb port and always to restarts.
- Have the WebSocket still monitor the hb and notify the user of restarts.
* Create unrendered rst cells.
* Users should be able to edit the contents of any cell in a global ACE editor.
* Add JSON'd metadata to the .py format notebooks.
* Implement white space between cells for insert.
* Implement a notebook reload button.
* Indicate visual difference between html and markdown cell.
* Export should save first.
* Add ability to merge and split cells.
* Add Ctrl-Z for undo delete cell.
* Fix horizontal overflow and scrolling of output_area.
* Add per cells controls on the R side of each cell.
* Users should be able to drag a .py file to a cell and have it imported into that cell.
* Add reconnect logic in the javascript kernel.
* Add logic for failed ajax requests. With this, investigate returning JSON data to more
completely describe the HTTP error codes.
* Test web services against hostile attacks.
* Add optional html sanitizing.
* Add timestamp to cells. ISO8601. IPython.utils.jsonutil.ISO8601. Save as
submitted/started/completed/received. See
* Try to figure out the issue with jQuery and <script> tags. See
CodeMirror related
* Focus should only be called when the editor is on the page and visible.
* Refresh needs to be called when the editor is shown after hiding.
* Right now focus, then setValue causes the arrow keys to lock up. If that bug is
not fixed, we need to possible move to passing the input to the CodeCell
* Implement a top-level refresh methods on Cells and the Notebook that can be called
after page/notebook load.
* Make insert_code_cell_* methods not call select always. Probably move to a model
where those methods take an options object.
* Notebook loading should be done without calls to select/focus/refresh. A single
refresh pass should be done after everything has been made visible.
* Remove \u0000 from placeholders after the relevant CM bug is fixed.
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