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added more info to --ip in ipython-qtconsole -h

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1 parent ffb1edd commit c3171e211e1b47eeef7bfad5dd71ea84e4e8de66 @minrk committed Oct 14, 2010
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@@ -104,7 +104,11 @@ def main():
kgroup.add_argument('-e', '--existing', action='store_true',
help='connect to an existing kernel')
kgroup.add_argument('--ip', type=str, default=LOCALHOST,
- help='set the kernel\'s IP address [default localhost]')
+ help=\
+ "set the kernel\'s IP address [default localhost].\
+ If the IP address is something other than localhost, then \
+ Consoles on other machines will be able to connect\
+ to the Kernel, so be careful!")
kgroup.add_argument('--xreq', type=int, metavar='PORT', default=0,
help='set the XREQ channel port [default random]')
kgroup.add_argument('--sub', type=int, metavar='PORT', default=0,

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