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document new g:ipy_perform_mappings feature

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@@ -124,6 +124,10 @@ You can change these at the top of the ipy.vim::
monitor_subchannel = True # update vim-ipython 'shell' on every send?
run_flags= "-i" # flags to for IPython's run magic when using <F5>
+In your own ``.vimrc``, if you don't like the mappings provided by default,
+you can define a variable ``let g:ipy_perform_mappings=0`` which will prevent
+vim-ipython from defining any of the default mappings.
Current issues:
@@ -177,3 +181,4 @@ Thanks
* @unpingco for reporting Windows bugs (#3,#4)
* @simon-b for terminal vim arrow key issue (#5)
* @jorgesca and @kwgoodman for shell (#6)
+* @zeekay for easily allowing custom mappings (#9)

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