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Your application / package is configured with the mint.json file (which is a JSON file).

The initial mint.json file of an application looks like this:

  "name": "my-app",
  "source-directories": [
  "dependencies": {
    "mint-core": {
      "repository": "",
      "constraint": "0.0.0 <= v < 1.0.0"

{% hint style="info" %} All the fields are validated so if something is not right you will get a nice error message! {% endhint %}

Here are all the possible fields (dot notation denotes a nested object):

Path Purpose
name The name of your application or package.
source-directories The directories which contains source files of your application.
test-directories The directories which contains tests for your application.
dependencies Contains the dependencies.
application Contains application specific information (can be omitted in packages)
application.head A path to an HTML file which can contain links to external resources.
application.title The initial title of the application.
application.meta An object which contains informations which is converted to META tags.
application.icon A path to an image file which is converted to different icons like favicons.
application.orientation [PWA] The orientation of the application, either "portrait" or "landscape" [PWA] The name of the application
application.theme-color [PWA] The theme color of the application
application.display [PWA] The display property of the application, one of: "fullscreen", "standalone", "minimal-ui", "browser"


The dependencies object contains all the packages that your application needs. Each key is the name of a package and the value is an object that has a repository field pointing to Git repository and constraint field that is the version information in one of two formats:

  • 0.0.0 <= v < 1.0.0 where the v is the resolvable version
  • master:1.0.0 where the first part is the Git reference (of a branch, commit hash or tag) followed by a colon and the version the package should resolve as this is necessary because the version is only specified by tags.