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Android app to find GPA and final exam grade
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This is an Android-based application written in Java I created to learn about android development.

About this Application

This application is based around two main tasks: evaluating a student's GPA and providing a final exam grade estimate.

Semester GPA

To find a student's GPA, the application relied on input of class name, acquired grade (A+ - D- scale, assuming the student passed), and amount of credit hours for said class. Using this information, the app displayed the total semester GPA for the student.

What Do I Need on the Final?

This section of the application uses three inputs: the desired grade (A, B, C, or D), the final exam's worth in the class, and the current grade. Using this information, the application displays the amount required to receive on the final exam to gain the desired grade. In addition, depending on the final exam grade requirement, a side comment is displayed as well.

For More Information

For any addition concerns/thoughts, please contact me at my website:

Thanks, Amelia

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