GUI application designed to display a macro-nutrient ratio and a related pie chart for easy visualization
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The MacroCalculator is a GUI application designed to display a macro-nutrient ratio and a related pie chart to user for easy visualization.


On my personal journey with a ketogenic diet, I often found myself trying to figure out my macronutrient ratio, sometimes even on a daily basis. In addition, several friends of mine with impressive fitness goals told me about their reliance on macronutrient ratios. With these two groups in mind, I decided to make a small application that could quickly calculate the ratio and display an additional pie chart for a visual representation. Thus, MacroCalculator was born!


(Note that this uses JavaFX elements to create the GUI. Therefore, to compile/run this application, you need to make sure you have JavaFX installed (as long as you have the latest version of the JDK, it should be installed) and also you may need specific plugins for Eclipse or NetBeans. I recommend e(fx)clipse ( for the Eclipse IDE.)

The application will prompt you for five (5) inputs: total calories, fat (g), protein (g), carbohydrates(g), and fiber (g). It will then calculate the total percentage of each macronutrient based on your total daily calories. After submitting, it will display the percentages (fat, protein, and [net] carbs) as well as a visual pie chart for easy readability.

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to contact me at my website.

Thanks, Amelia