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This is a collection of some of the areas I created for Chaos Mud and Dragon Swords Mud.
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This is a collection of some of the areas I created for Chaos Mud. Some of this content overlaps with content from Dragon Swords Mud because I worked with both of these MUDs for a long time. They were both heavily modified Merc based MUDs. I want to share these with everyone because they were so much work and so dear to me for so long. I loved MUDs!

Chaos Mud

Dragon Swords Mud

bchambers.are The Dualing Chambers

This area was a pvp area for Chaos Mud.

caiacity.are Caiamaya

This is part of a Mayan themed quest area called Caiamaya. It is the town area that is connected to the quest area.

cquest.are Caiamaya

This is the quest area for Caiamaya.

crystal.are Kristalyn Caverns

This area is a starting race area for the Kristalyn race. It has food and shops for that race and some quests.

drms.are Death Rooms Battlefield

Chaos Mud had the capacity to allow the person who runs a battle to specify a battlefield for the event to take place on. So I built various battlefields to help give functionality to this feature. This particular one has lots of different portal rooms that you hop in and out of trying to find other battlers.

elespir.are Spirits

This area was an add-on for the Elemental Canyon area that comes stock with many Merc style muds. It had class and level locked quests that were elemental themed. You would enter this area from the bosses in Elemental Canyon.

eyemaze.are Lair of the Blue Dragon

This area contains part of a class quest and the elemental runes for Druids. It is sort of a utility area for a class based quest.

fishes.are Fishes

This is one of the first areas if not THE first area I ever wrote on Chaos. It might have been Gardens. I can't remember. This area is a water area. The shallow parts don't require a water breathing potion but the lower depths of the area do. Many of the mobiles are brightly colored and their short names look like actual fish <@><<. There are various mid level quests in this area.

gardens.are Gardens

When Chaos Mud first started, it had very few areas. I had never created areas before or worked with mob programs but, I had the time so I created several basic areas to provide content and quests for the players. This is one of those areas. It is a low level area that is set in a garden. Players can explore a tree. There are portals and quests. There is a very similar area to this on Dragon Swords Mud but, it is modeled off this one.

ghost.are Solace Ghost Town

Chaos Mud had areas that were connected to the world only a few times a year. This is one of those seasonal areas. It is a Halloween town created from the stock area Solace. There are various Halloween themed monsters and quests in this area.

haunts.are Haunts

Haunts is another low level area that was created to provide beginning content for Chaos Mud. It is a very basic haunted house with portals, quests and equipment for lower level players. It is very straight forward and cute.

house.are Ether

This is an immortal utility area. This is where the immortals lived. Its got all kinds of wacky weird items, mobiles and rooms.

jungtest.are Jungles

Jungles is another area created for Chaos Mud. It is a mid-level area with a jungle theme. It has a lot of weird items and quests. There is a huge spider that looks like a spider. I used to skin this spider to make a pouch that looked like a spider. _/^^()/^/^/_. This area experimented a lot with terrain types. It was exhausting for movement points. There were a lot of mobs that poisoned and had special attacks also.

loop.are The Loop Battlefield

This is another custom battlefield for Chaos Mud. This thing was crazy. It contains various battle mobs including "The Happy Fun Ball". It was a fun battle area.

socials.txt The Socials Text

I am including this file because I had a lot to do with it. It contains the stock socials from Dragon Swords Mud if not Merc in general. I can't remember if Merc had socials or not. Then on top of this I created a ton more socials for Chaos Mud. Then I went back to Dragon Swords and took this expanded list and implemented it over there and created more on top of that but the social.dat file is not as readable as this one is so I am including this one. I love socials.

tarot.are Tarot

Tarot is another starter content area for Chaos. It is very basic. You walk through a tarot card layout fighting the various suits of the Tarot. There is Tarot card based equipment for lower level characters to be found here.

winter.are Winterland

Winterland was based off of the Hans Christen Anderson story "The Snow Queen". There are a lot of complicated quests in this area. There are mobiles that follow you around and trigger various things to happen. There might be some item joins in this area where the player has to obtain a series of items and assemble them.

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