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A simple Node.js status board showing github commits and more
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Mint Source

A simple Node.js status board showing:

  • Recent Github commits
  • Jenkins CI build status
  • Current song playing through


  • node.js 0.4
  • npm
    • To install run: curl | sh
  • Redis (local install for development)
  • Heroku account (for production deploy)


  1. Install dependencies npm install
  2. Copy to
  3. Add relevant details to the
  4. Start redis redis-server
  5. Run the app node index.js
  6. Visit localhost:1337 in a browser.

Deploy to Heroku

  1. Create a new app on Heroku: heroku create appname --stack cedar
  2. Deploy to heroku git push heroku master
  3. Scale the web process on Heroku heroku ps:scale web=1
  4. Add Redis to go to your app heroku addons:add redistogo
  5. Add your app settings:
    • heroku config:add NODE_ENV=production
    • heroku config:add AUTH_ENABLED=true => enable/disable basic HTTP auth
    • heroku config:add AUTH_USER=username => optional basic auth username
    • heroku config:add AUTH_PASS=password => optional basic auth password
    • heroku config:add JENKINS_ENABLED=true => enable build monitoring with Jenkins?
    • heroku config:add JENKINS_IP= => set if you'd like to IP filter the Jenkins receive action
    • heroku config:add LASTFM_ENABLED=true => optional - show current song
    • heroku config:add LASTFM_KEY=apikey => your api key
    • heroku config:add LASTFM_USER=username => the account you'd like to track

Set up Github Post Receive Hooks

  1. Visit{username}/{project}/admin/hooks and choose post receive URLs from the list.
  2. Enter http://{appname} into the URL field and save. NB. If you have enabled HTTP auth on your Mint Source site the post receive hook URL should be in the format: http://{user}:{password}@{appname}

Set up Jenkins Post Build Hooks

If you run the Jenkins CI server, mint source can also display build status.

  1. Install the Jenkins Notification plugin.
  2. Visit http://{your-ci-box}/job/project-name/configure and click 'Add Endpoint' in the Job Notifications section. Enter http://{appname} and hit save.

Wait, I have NDA projects which I can't display on my status board!

We totally have your back, substitute sensitive names by adding them to Redis (there will be a page to administer this eventually):

LPUSH Discretions "{\"orig\":\"secret-name\",\"subs\":\"public-name\"}"

Send your own data

Mint Source accepts data from any source. Display a notification every time your awesome app gets a new user! Just configure your app to make a POST request to http://{appname} with the following JSON in the body:

  "message": "Message body",         // <String>: Required - the main text to be displayed.
  "submessage": "submessage",        // <String>: Required - small lower message
  "timestamp": "2012-01-01T00:00:00",// <String>: Optional - will use the time the post was recieved if not specified. Expects a UTC string.
  "image": "/path/to/image.png",     // <String>: Optional - image to show on the board.
  "colour": "#bada55"                // <String>: Optional - specify a colour to make the message stand out.

Testing locally

You can manually add mock Github post receive hook data to Redis.


LPUSH Commits "{\"message\":\"update pricing a tad\",\"project\":\"github\",\"timestamp\":\"2008-02-15T14:36:34-08:00\",\"author\":\"Chris Wanstrath\"}"

LPUSH Commits "{\"message\":\"woo\! it works\",\"project\":\"github\",\"timestamp\":\"2011-02-15T14:36:34-08:00\",\"author\":\"Chris Wanstrath\"}"
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