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Sat Mar 03 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Added a test for the MP3 player. Pops up an error box if
the player isn't found.
* Switched to Tk::FileDialog for the file dialogs.
Thu Mar 01 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Got most of the save/load functions working.
* Using DialogBox for a couple of static dialogs.
Tue Feb 27 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Fixed a couple of fairly serious bugs that would prevent
MP3s from playing.
* Released version 0.8.1 (Bugfix)
Sun Feb 25 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Added a category-modification PHP script.
* Added delete/modify to the mrvoice PHP script.
* Marked this as Release 0.8 (first public release)
Fri Feb 16 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Cleaned up code in preparation for releasing mrvoice to the
general public (shudder).
Tue Jan 30 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Released version 0.7.
* Fixed resize bug - resizing will now change the size of the listbox
and not much else.
* Added static hotkeys for often-used MIDIs.
Mon Jan 29 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Released version 0.6.
* Started changelog (finally)
* Fixed bug that caused searches to crash when a file in the database
did not exist on the disk.
* Added Escape as a hotkey to stop the currently-playing MP3
* Added ability to clear selected hotkeys, instead of having to clear
all hotkeys.
* Added F11 and F12 as usable hotkeys. NOTE: F11 and F12 cause
problems under WindowMaker by default.
* Added more status notes for status line.
* Disabled the ability to resize the main box, until I figure out how
to get things to resize nicely.
CVS ID: $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.7 2001/03/04 14:45:13 minter Exp $
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