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Thu May 16 2002 H. Wade Minter (
* Tagged 1.5.2, before starting some big work.
Mon May 13 2002 H. Wade Minter (
* Added a warning popup dialog when people do "blank" searches that
would result in the entire database getting displayed. Thanks to
Randy in KC for the idea.
Thu May 9 2002 H. Wade Minter (
* Added Scrollwheel mouse support in the scrolled listboxes. Thanks
to Bling-Bling in Raleigh for the idea.
Wed May 8 2002 H. Wade Minter (
* Released version 1.5
Thu May 2 2002 H. Wade Minter (
* Added some hardcoded "use" lines at the top of the script. This
is required by perl2exe, which I am investigating using for
the Windows builds.
* Added code to check for a file named "default.mrv" in the hotkey
save directory. If that exists, load up those hotkeys when
the program starts. Suggested by Randy at CSZ-KC.
* Fixed a bug where the "Number of items returned" count wouldn't
decrement when an MP3 is unavailable/unreadable.
Wed Apr 24 2002 H. Wade Minter (
* More documentation work between 4/15 and now.
* Placed requirement on new module to show length of WAV files
* Broke out song-length code into its own function to better
abstract that part.
Mon Apr 15 2002 H. Wade Minter (
* Sent the taxes off. Yuck.
* Clarified some stuff in the docs in preparation for shipping
the software to Buffalo and KC.
* Removed the dependancy on Data::Dumper, since I don't think that's
Mon Feb 11 2002 H. Wade Minter (
* Released version 1.4
Thu Feb 7 2002 H. Wade Minter (
* Changed the Add Song box to use color instead of *'s to denote
required fields.
* Switched the documentation screenshots from .jpg/.eps (which
were not working well) to .png. Seems to be better for both
Wed Feb 6 2002 H. Wade Minter (
* Took a first stab at adding an icon for the program. Maybe one
of these days Holly will draw me one that looks better.
Tue Feb 5 2002 H. Wade Minter (
* Minor change to the "Open File" box, so that it searches
for both upper and lowercase in file extensions (*.mp3 and
*.MP3 both)
Mon Feb 4 2002 H. Wade Minter (
* Celebrated the Patriots' Super Bowl win.
* Changed the main menubar to use the new-style system
described in Mastering Perl/Tk, Chapter 12.
Fri Feb 2 2002 H. Wade Minter (
* Changed the Entry widgets to BrowseEntry widgets in the search
area, so now you have a quick-reference to things you have
recently searched for.
Sun Jan 27 2002 H. Wade Minter (
* Changed code so that it does file types other than MP3.
Fri Dec 22 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Using Makefiles for the docs now. Yes, I'm bored.
Thu Dec 21 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Moved the PHP frontend file into the tools subdirectory.
* Fixed bug that kept the Play option on the right-click menu
from working.
Wed Dec 20 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Created a "tools" subdirectory to hold useful utilities.
* Added - a utility to report on and delete orphaned
MP3 files.
Fri Dec 8 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Changed preferences menu to use a tabbed-notebook-style widget,
instead of just displaying everything on one window.
Tue Dec 4 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Fixed bug with Dynamic Documents menu.
* Added screenshots for documentation.
* Improved presentation of screenshots in documentation.
Sat Nov 17 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Fixed a bug that was preventing File->Open from working.
Fri Nov 16 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Added a "holding tank" feature, requested by K. Christie and J.
Thu Nov 15 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Change the layout of the search fields so that the text boxes
are justified.
* Added a busy/unbusy call to the search function, so that the cursor
changes to a watch while the search is in progress.
Mon Nov 12 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Using Win32::Process to start/stop the MP3 player on Windows. A much
cleaner (and working!) solution.
Thanks to Jack D.<> for the tip.
* Clicking the "close window" X in the window manager will now call the
clean-shutdown "do_exit" function.
Sat Nov 10 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Several changes:
+ Added Control-key accelerators to quit, load/save hotkeys, and open
hotkey box.
+ Generalized some window functions.
+ Made sure only one copy of the hotkey box can be open at a time.
+ Fixed bug in open file status message (spurious newline).
+ Set the Unix MP3 player start to use fork/exec and kill, while Windows
still uses open() and close()
Sat Nov 3 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Changed dynamic document menu to be a cascade off of the File
menu, rather than having the files appear at the bottom of the
File menu.
Mon Oct 29 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Version 1.3 released.
Fri Oct 26 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Fixed bug with the dynamic document menu, which would cause
the Exit option to get erased.
* Had to redefine a Perl/Tk function to fix a problem with
dragging-and-dropping. Thanks to Slaven Rezic <>
Thu Oct 25 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Added label to show you which category is currently selected.
* Added preferences option to choose the number of dynamic
documents to keep in the File menu.
* Changed drag-and-drop to show just the song title, not the entire
* Right-clicking a song now gives you the option to play it.
Wed Oct 24 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Changed hotkey display to side-by-side instead of top-bottom.
* Added color to the play/stop buttons.
* Added drag-and-drop support for the hotkeys.
* Thanks to Larry and Kasey for the suggestions!
Wed Oct 17 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Added a right-click menu to enable editing and deleting
songs right from the listbox.
Fri Sep 28 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Fixed bug to enable hotkeys from subwindows.
Thu Sep 27 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Cleaned up the path handling for Windows and Unix.
* Pretty much finished the documentation.
* Upped version number to 1.2 in preparation for release.
* Released version 1.2
Wed Sep 26 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Added the ability to have a C:\mrvoice.cfg file, the equivalent
of ~/.mrvoicerc under Unix.
* Removed the file, as part of the overall docs
cleanup and reorg.
Tue Sep 25 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Switched from Tk::FileDialog to getOpenFile/getSaveFile. This
has the benefit of removing a module dependency, and also using
the native file dialog boxes on Windows. Sweeeeet....
Tue Sep 18 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Fixed minor bug where clearing hotkeys wouldn't save old keys
for later restoration.
Tue May 08 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Added the Restore Hotkey feature.
* Added a "recently accessed" list under the File menu.
* Upped the version number to 1.1
Mon May 07 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Added the ability to source a ~/.mrvoicerc file for
database variables.
* Implemented a "restore hokeys" function.
Tue Mar 06 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Cleaned up a lot of documentation.
* Minor fixes in preparation for 1.0 release.
Mon Mar 05 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Got song additions working.
* Got song edits working.
* Declared it 1.0-pre
Sun Mar 04 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Finished the Category add/delete.
* Got song deletes working.
Sat Mar 03 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Got most of the Category add/delete functions working.
* Added a test for the MP3 player. Pops up an error box if
the player isn't found.
* Switched to Tk::FileDialog for the file dialogs.
Thu Mar 01 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Got most of the save/load functions working.
* Using DialogBox for a couple of static dialogs.
Tue Feb 27 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Fixed a couple of fairly serious bugs that would prevent
MP3s from playing.
* Released version 0.8.1 (Bugfix)
Sun Feb 25 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Added a category-modification PHP script.
* Added delete/modify to the mrvoice PHP script.
* Marked this as Release 0.8 (first public release)
Fri Feb 16 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Cleaned up code in preparation for releasing mrvoice to the
general public (shudder).
Tue Jan 30 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Released version 0.7.
* Fixed resize bug - resizing will now change the size of the listbox
and not much else.
* Added static hotkeys for often-used MIDIs.
Mon Jan 29 2001 H. Wade Minter (
* Released version 0.6.
* Started changelog (finally)
* Fixed bug that caused searches to crash when a file in the database
did not exist on the disk.
* Added Escape as a hotkey to stop the currently-playing MP3
* Added ability to clear selected hotkeys, instead of having to clear
all hotkeys.
* Added F11 and F12 as usable hotkeys. NOTE: F11 and F12 cause
problems under WindowMaker by default.
* Added more status notes for status line.
* Disabled the ability to resize the main box, until I figure out how
to get things to resize nicely.
CVS ID: $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.46 2002/05/16 14:03:33 minter Exp $
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