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use warnings;
use strict;
use CPAN;
# Subversion Id: $Id$
# Used to see if the modules that Mr. Voice requires are up-to-date on a
# given host.
# Cribbed from
my @mods =
qw(PAR DBI DBD::SQLite MP3::Info MP4::Info Audio::Wav Date::Manip Time::Local Time::HiRes Ogg::Vorbis::Header::PurePerl Tk Tk::ProgressBar::Mac Getopt::Long Cwd File::Temp XMLRPC::Lite Digest::MD5 Archive::Zip XML::Simple);
qw/LWP::UserAgent HTTP::Request Win32::Process Win32::FileOp Audio::WMA/
if ( $^O eq "MSWin32" );
push( @mods, "Mac::AppleScript" ) if ( $^O eq "darwin" );
my $count = 0;
# list all modules on my disk that have newer versions on CPAN
for my $module (@mods)
my $mod = CPAN::Shell->expand( "Module", $module );
next unless $mod->inst_file;
next if $mod->uptodate;
printf "Module %s is installed as %s, could be updated to %s from CPAN\n",
$mod->id, $mod->inst_version, $mod->cpan_version;
print "No Mr. Voice modules need upgrades!\n" if ( $count == 0 );