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Mx. Voice

Improv Audio Software, Version 3


This is a continuation of the original Mr. Voice Perl/Tk app, circa 2000. While still in use in many CSz clubs, the Perl/Tk app was showing its age, and nearly impossible to build correctly. This caused problems on more modern operating systems.

Thus, 20 years later, this project to rewrite the software in a more modern way.


Mx. Voice 3 depends on node.js being available on your system, along with yarn We recommend node 16+.

Check out the source code from Github. Go into the mxvoice-electron folder.

The first time that you run the software in development mode, you will need to install the dependencies. Do that by running:

yarn install

This should install any required node modules in the node_modules subdirectory. Please report any problems installing dependencies.

Once your node dependencies are installed, you can run the currently-checked-out code in development mode with:

yarn start

That should launch the app onto your desktop!



To build packages for release, use the yarn dist --x64 command. This will use the makers defined in package.json, along with your current system architecture (e.g., darwin) and build any available targets. The --x64 flag ensures Intel-compatible builds on M1/ARM64 systems.

Build output of yarn dist --x64 will be available in the dist/ subdirectory. Currently, this produces both a .dmg and a .zip file, with the .dmg being directly installable on the system.

To publish the release to the official Mx. Voice GitHub Releases, use yarn release --x64. This requires a GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable to be set, with permissions to upload releases, as well as environment variables APPLE_ID and APPLE_ID_PASSWORD, set to a login and an app password with development rights to code-sign and notarize the app.


It is allegedly possible to build Windows binaries on the Mac, though getting that to work has proven challenging. So we're using an Azure-based Windows VM for builds.

To build on a Windows system, run:

  • yarn dist --ia32

This will build a 32-bit installer package, which can work on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows (whereas a 64-bit package would not work on 32-bit Windows). As with OS X, installer files will be the dist/ directory.

Publishing to the official Mx. Voice GitHub Releases is also done with yarn release --ia32. It requires the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable with appropriate access, as well as enWINDOWS_CERTIFICATE_FILE (the path to the code signing certificate file) and WINDOWS_CERTIFICATE_PASSWORD (the password to unlock the cert)

References and Utilities

Helpful tools and documentation:


Mx. Voice 3 is brought to you with love by:


A new version of Mr. Voice, written in Electron.js






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