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The Robobo model is compatible with Gazebo 11 (ROS Noetic). These two versions can be downloaded from:

The readme file on the previous links contains written instructions of the model basic usage.

As starting point, we encourage you to watch the following video tutorial:

It contains a detailed explanation of the following aspects:

  • Gazebo model installation
  • Available ROS topics
  • Available ROS services
  • Running programs from Python scripts
  • Example of application

Real vs Simulated

To run the same script in the real and simulated Robobo is very simple.

Real Robobo

Starting with the real robot, to run a script, the following steps must be performed:

$ cd ~/<workspace_name>
$ source devel/setup.bash
$ export ROS_MASTER_URI=http://<<robobo_ip>>:11311/

Then, the script should be saved in the robobo_examples/src folder

Next, the script must be made executable:

$ chmod +x <<>>

Finally, this script must be executed:

$ rosrun robobo_examples <<>>

Simulated Robobo

The first step is to configure simulation, as explained in

Then, the model must be launched using:

$ cd ~/<workspace_name>
$ source devel/setup.bash
$ roslaunch robobo_gazebo robobo.launch

Finally, the script must be executed as in the case of the real one:

$ rosrun robobo_examples <<>>