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Camera calibration tutorial

In order to work properly, the camera must be calibrated, because the sensors and optics of each smartphone are different. Although the Robobo application comes with a default calibration, this might not work successfully on some devices.

How to calibrate the camera

  1. From the Robobo application main screen, tap on the "SETUP" button :

Main menú

  1. From the options menu, tap on "CALIBRATE CAMERA"

Options menu

  1. Once the calibration process is started, the following screen is shown. We will calibrate each colour on this screen.

Select color

  1. We'll start selecting one of the four possible colours (red, green, blue or a custom colour). In this example, we select the green one:

Green Selected

  1. Once the colour is selected, hold on the object used for the calibration on your hand. In this case, it's a green ball. Put the object in the centre of the circle shown on the smartphone screen, including all colour variations but excluding the background, as shown in the following picture. Once the object is placed in this position tap on the "CALIBRATE" button:

Green Calibration

  1. Tap on the "PREVIEW" button to check if the colour is calibrated properly. You will be able to see the object in the same way as the smartphone camera does.

Green Preview

  1. When the preview shows a clear shape corresponding to the goal object, we'll carry out the same process to calibrate the rest of the colours (steps from 4 to 7).

  2. Finally, tap on the "SAVE" button to save the calibration. This action saves the data and finishes the calibration session.

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