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Schedule your day based on Todoist time labels
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Todoist Scheduler

You may want to schedule your (work) day. Therefore, you need to know how many tasks you can get done on a particular day.

Todoist has no time estimation built in. Luckily, there are labels. And 4 different time slots are enough for most use cases: 5, 15, 30, 45min (if any task takes more than 45min, you should split it up anyway).

How to estimate time in Todoist?

  • Just add @m5, @m15, @m30 or @m45 to any given task

How to get a sum of estimates for your whole day?

  • (Bash) EXPORT TODOIST_KEY = 'your_key_here' (or add to .zshrc or the like)
  • git clone
  • cd todoist-scheduler
  • (Create new virtualenv) python3 -m venv myvenv
  • (Activate on Linux/Mac) source myvenv/bin/activate
  • (Install requests) pip3 install requests
  • python3

It will ask for a project name (e.g. work) and will calculate all estimations within this project and its subprojects.

Status und Contributions

This is a very raw library to solve my problem. I hate that it is not fully object oriented yet and has 4 requests (3 too much, I guess) and quite repetitive code. Also, I don't like that I have to type in the project name (correctly).

Totally open to pull requests to improve the code quality and functionality!

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